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    Driver Update Won't Recognize Card Anymore


      After updating my card (R9 270) with the latest driver on your site, (operating system: Windows 7 64 bit) some of my games (hearthstone, overwatch) simply stopped playing. Hearthstone had the "pink screen of death" while overwatch refused to launch, saying "no supported graphics card was found." When I restarted my computer, it said "graphics card not compatible, please update your drivers."


      I have since tried re-installing the driver, re-installing it using a clean install, trying to install an older version of the driver, trying to do a system restore (it said "system restore failed), trying to do a system restore in safe mode, trying to do a system restore with antivirus turned off, and trying to "roll back" the driver to a previous version.


      None of this has worked or made any difference. I'm not sure what to do other than get a new PC (i'm very pessimistic when it comes to finding solutions to these types of problems.) Anyway, if you have any suggestions, they'd be very much appreciated.

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          Long story short, almost the same problem.

          Gigabyte R7 360 2gb, cpu i3 540 3,07 GHz, motherboard ASUS h7p55, 8gb ram, windows 10 x64, drivers right now 16.6 crimson.

          1. 3 days ago started having problems with frame drops in Overwatch, droping from 60 to 15. Had some windows 10 issues, bugs, decided to reinstall the system.

          2. Fresh win 7, up to date, installed newest amd drivers, Blizzard games did not see the gpu, Torment Tides of .. pink screen. Used DDU and Amd Cleaning Utility, installed older drivers. Games started to work but still with frame drops.

          3. Installed windows 10, same story, new drivers did the same, some older worked but frame drops again. Another DDU cleaning and during drivers install cant find my GPU so drivers didn't installed. Removing GPU in windows manager, GPU came back after reboot with drivers I have now. Games work, still frames act like crazy. Temperature of cpu and gpu in games are ok. Hard drive scanned, no problems found. No idea what can I do more. Can paste DxDiag if needed.

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            Same problem and symptoms here. The only 2 games confirmed to work are R6S and Warthunder. The rest just report unknown errors or cannot find graphic device. Seems to occur in both 4.4 and 5.1 updates

            System specs:

            GPU: Crossfire-ing between an ASUS R9280X-DC2T-3GD5 and a HD7970

            CPU: i7 3820 3.4GHz

            Motherboard: X79 series

            RAM: 20GB

            PSU: An EVGA 1000W

            Operating System & Version: Windows 7 64-bit SP1

            Driver Installed: 17.4.4/17.5.1

            What I've tried: Reinstall, Clean Install, DDU uninstall then clean install. All games integrity checked with no problem/corrupt AFTER run.


            *System was update from 4.2 version.

            Too bad I didn't keep the installer to downgrade.