Radeon RX 480 GAMING X 8G, Strange glitches and performance.

Discussion created by rafgarth on May 4, 2017
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Hello and greetings to all members.


I have recently joined the AMD community after upgrading my GPU to MSI RX 480 Gaming x 8GB.


After playing few games i was well impressed with the performance of this card. I did however noticed few strange glitches in Far Cry Primal ( please see the attached video ) I have tried to play on all settings but it always happens.


Similar glitches i have seen in Witcher 3 also appearing regardless of the settings i chose.


Just to add for example GTA 5 works fine on Highest settings without any problems so i am not really sure what to think about this. I have ran some performance checks using MSI Afterburner and Radeon Wattman and i have noticed that the card always spikes in performance rather than keep it on one level which i am used to with previous Nvidia gpu's ( please see the picture below )
I just want to ask if this is normal or should i be worried about this, i can return the card without problem but i do like its performance and i hope this will not be the case.


Any advice will be welcome


My PC details:

I5 6600k

8GB ddr4

rx 480 8gb

EVGA b2 Supernova 750W
SSD Drives




Thank you in advance