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Poor Performance With R9 Fury Crossfire

Question asked by jaquab on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by stalinizator

During the holiday season I decided to pick up another R9 Fury after looking at the irresistible deal on Newegg, but I was very disappointed after looking at crossfire performance the two cards gave me. The cards GPU usage seem to be fighting for control and never match or both reach 100% usage. Either one is really high or the other is at none. Not only that but the cards seem to crash my PC even out of games. I highly doubt it is my CPU or RAM, but anything is possible.



Some things I have tried:

>Using the cards individually

>Trying a variety of games to test scaling

>Using latest drivers and previous drivers

>Updating mobo drivers

>Disabling frame pacing & ULPS

>Forcing constant voltage

>Using "High Performance" power plan

>Tested on different rig with same results


I'm not quite sure what this problem could be, or if the cards just are not optimized for crossfire.

Any response is greatly appreciated!