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Games will not run

Question asked by gigabaneuk on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by ray_m

AMD Graphics Card: Asus r7 240


Desktop (Self Build)

OS :Win7 64bit Pro

Driver version installed Crimson 17.4.3

Display Devices Furrion FEHS19L1D

Motherboard Gigabyte GA-F2A55M-DS2


Power Supply Unit  Xenta 700w



Computer was running fine on onboard graphics till a hard drive failure. Bought new hard drive and decided to buy myself a graphics card.

Fresh install of win7 64 pro, network drivers, then updated, then installed comodo.

None of my installation disks seem to read in my drive so went all auto detect.

I installed Crimson and so forth but did not try to run any games. Upon the next restart I noticed in my device manager a few unknown devices, so I thought it prudent to download my motherboard drivers. Yes I should have installed mobo stuff before graphics card, im a little rusty.

Motherboard drivers installed catalyst so I had both catalyst and crimson running.

after discovering that games wouldn't play and running both graphics softwares I uninstalled anything amd through control panel.

I then installed crimson on its own so I have no catalyst now.


The game perimeter says my game settings are wrong for my graphics and teamfortress doesn't load at all.


Im mainly looking to see if this is common or rare or if I have to do something like install opengl or some other random step im forgetting.


Unless one of you knows how to fix this issue, my next plan is to get a cd cleaner to see if I can get my drive running (cd drive hasn't been used since brand new, just sat in the machine unconnected since I first installed windows (used the sata cables for a 2nd hdd currently non existent). and to reinstall from scratch using the disks if they read.