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Shimmering textures and awfull edges - Isn't there a fix?

Question asked by diegodelmonico on May 3, 2017
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First of all sorry the poor grammar.


I have a Powercolor PCS+ Radeon R7 370 4gb, desktop system, with AMD FX6300 cpu, 8gb ram ddr3 1600, motherboard M5a78l-m Ddr3/ Am3, running windows 7 sp1 64bits, connected to a monitor LG Flatron l177ws, with and DVI-I x VGA cable, I  always 1280 x 720 resolution at 60hz, both in GPU and Monitor settings. I have a thermaltake 400w PSU.


Software is radeon crimson 17.4.4 version with driver 17,10.1731-170424a2.313606, Vulkan Driver 1.5.0 API, version 1.0.39.


The Issue:

I am experiencing a really awful shimmering effect, that affects the textures and the edges, in every game I play and benchmarks I’ve run. As it seems, this is one of most intriguing issues in graphics cards these days. This happens even with low gpu usage. Here’s some example of same problem:


I tried many different setups like to change monitor, reinstall drivers, reinstall operating system, every antialiasing configuration possible, and nothing works to reduce the issue to a tolerable level.


Yeas I research many times and in differecnt sources even here and there was no satisfactory answer.


Aditionally I can say that is growing the users that experience this issue and seems non related with ordinary GPU tweeks but seem something to  be addressed with driver. I truly appreciate if some feedback and that this problem had some developer serious attention, since is hard to get used to it.