AMD (inadvertantly) releases Radeon RX Vega specifications (sans HBM2 frequency & TDP)

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Vega's specs grow less vague | PC Perspective (fine I'll link it, blasted moderation of posts containing links...)


DRM finally did something good for us; revealing detailed information on AMD's new GPU.  In this case the DRM is a portion of the Linux kernel which interfaces with the GPU and some inquisitive minds dug through the code to find details on Vega, which will be supported by this new version of DRM.


This is still in the realms of rumour, but the source is very good as AMD would not likely enter the wrong specifications into this update.  According to the specs which wccftech compiled from the code, Vega features 64 compute units, each containing 64 GCN stream processors, the 4096 SPs will be split into four Shader Engines.  A little math, based on the stated performance figures of 12.5 TFLOLPS for FP32 and 25 TFLOPS for FP16 operations, the GPU should clock above 1.5GHz.  There were no details on the memory frequency though as it uses HBM2 we know it will have a 2048-bit interface which could lead to some interesting performance numbers.


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"Thanks to the latest Linux graphics driver update submitted by AMD we now have detailed specifications of the upcoming Radeon RX Vega GPU. The DRM, Direct Rendering Manager, update to Linux was issued yesterday and it’s the first update to date that adds comprehensive Vega feature support to Linux. No doubt in preparation for Vega’s launch which is expected to take place at the end of the month."


This indeed beats the Titan XP (12.1 TFLOPS SP) as AMD promised, will no doubt be a darn sight cheaper than $1200 (I'm betting $599.99, with cut down versions filling the gap later), and looks to be a good 25% faster than the Fury X just based off of compute power, and make the RX 580 look like an antique in comparison.




amdmatt still want that new Radeon Pro Duo and it's puny 10 TFLOPS of power?