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Would anyone be able to recommend the best AMD a-8 series processor?

Question asked by lazymaximus1 on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by black_zion

I have a Holly2 motherboard from HP, I'll link it below. I'm having some issues trying to upgrade my PC without replacing the motherboard entirely. It has some pretty specific requirements for upgrading your processor. It needs to be 100w or lower, and be socket type FM1. This poses an issue because the only ones I can seem to find are 3.0 ghz, whereas my current processor is a 2.8ghz, I'm sure you all see the issue here, no use spending $110 for a .2ghz upgrade, I don't mind about any graphics that come included with the processor because I already have an EVGA 1050, I'm just looking for a faster processor without spending $400+ on just flat out buying a new case motherboard & processor. Thanks for any help!



HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Motherboard Specifications, AAHD2-HY (Holly2) | HP® Customer Support