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    R9 270 Artifacts Black Screen



      I am having a problem with the latest AMD Drivers causing my PC not to startup properly.

      After my Computer started displaying only lines and dots etc. on the desktop a few minutes after startup, I installed new Drivers.

      Although every time I tried to install them I would get errors and the installation crashed. Every time there was a different file causing the crash.

      Then after I used DDU to delete all the old Drivers, the installation worked out fine but when I clicked on Install in the AMD interface I got a black screen (not the short black screens that always appear when installing new Drivers, but a forever lasting black screen).

      Then I had to start Windows in Safe mode and remove the driver to be able to startup in normal mode.

      Does anybody know how to fix this problem?





      AMD RADEON R9 270 2g (Not Overclocked)

      Intel I7 4790 (Not overclocked)

      No Drivers (Reason for this post)

      Windows 10 64bit

      LG 24GM77 1920*1080 144hz

      16gb ram

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          I have updated the title of this discussion with relevant details to better describe your issue.  This should encourage community participation in your discussion.


          Have you tried a clean install of Windows? I would suggest this to rule out a dirty OS as a cause of the black screen.


          Once you've clean installed the OS, update Windows fully and then install our latest 17.5.1 drivers.


          With the drivers installed, navigate to Radeon Settings > Gaming > Global Settings > Wattman and set the Power Limit to +50% or whatever the maximum is and click apply. If you made it this far without a black screen, test stability for a while.


          If the above fails, it sounds like the GPU could be faulty. If you can try it in another system, that may help to confirm.