[BUG?] Radeon Settings auto-update fails when profile path contains spaces.

Discussion created by hmmwhatsthisdo on May 3, 2017
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Hey, everyone!


I just tried to run the auto-updater inside Radeon Settings in order to update to 17.4.4/17.4.3, and after attempting to load the installer a few times I realized that Radeon Settings was displaying a nondescript error on the update page: "Unable to get Installer file to launch the requested page." Seeing as how it's 3AM and I didn't really have anything better to do, I tried googling it. Lo and behold, the literal first result was this page, wherein the OP said they found something interesting by using Process Monitor.


After pulling open my copy and attaching it to Radeon Settings, I too found something interesting. Radeon Settings goes to download the file, it gets dropped into my profile's Downloads folder. However, my username - and subsequently my user profile path - has a space in it. This appears to not be taken that well. See below:

It might not be immediately obvious, but when Radeon Settings goes to start the installer it just downloaded, an extra space sneaks into the path and everything breaks. Something relating to joining an array of strings for something like passing command-line arguments, perhaps? (I'm shooting from the hip at this point - someone in one of my CS lectures did something similar last week and it popped into my head as tangentially related.)


This also happens with trying to download/run the v17.4.4 package installer from within the version of Radeon Settings bundled with 17.4.3.


I was told by the AMD Red Team Discord to toss this here. Can anyone confirm/deny this issue occurring on user profiles with spaces in them? I'm on W10 Pro x64 (with a PowerColor RX480, but let's be real - that's probably 100% not related.)


Thanks, fam!


PS: I have a Process Monitor log with fun things like stack traces and such available for AMD staff if someone slides into those DMs sends me a message. It's 34MB, though.