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RX550 Auxiliary/memory too low or too high?

Question asked by tugrul_512bit on May 2, 2017
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When the card has arrived, I installed its cd-drivers and tested in many benchmarks and games, only heaven-4.0 benchmark had texture flickering and the wattman was applying 850mV to auxiliary/memory voltage. But then I installed Amd's latest drivers 17.4.4 which applied 875mV to the aux unit then the heaven flickering was gone. Card seemed to be ok until I tested it in Aida64 Extreme GPGPU benchmark. The memory copy operation took 5 minutes and system was frozen in this time but it was very quick with the R7-240.



every stage except "memory copy" took 30-45 seconds but it took about 5 minutes. The renderer GPU was RX550.


Could it be the auxiliary voltage still being insufficient? Here it is:




maybe 875mV is bugging for this particular specific chip? I saw somewhere that 400 series chips having 1000mV for that, could this still be applicable to 500 series?


I guess memory isn't ECC so it should show errors there. Maybe its just being frozen because it is busy for the benchmark and can't reach to monitor output? But why it takes 5 minutes? R7_240 completes it under a minute.


It seems there is no memory error:




I just noticed HDD was running non-stop during that 5-minute memory copy stage and not in other stages. Re-run it and it used HDD again! Re-run it for R7-240 and it didn't use HDD.  Why would RX550 use HDD for copying while R7_240 working just as expected?


Could it be the RX550 is still supported as beta and buffer to buffer copying uses HDD by chance?


System memory is 8GB and I suppose it should be enough for just a single-gpu GPGPU program.


Thank you for your time.