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    AMD RADEAON 7990 graphics probem with certain situations


      Hello I have been looking on the web for my problem for ages but I was not able to find the problem nor the solution.

      English is btw not my native language so I try my best.


      My specs are:

      proccesor: Intel corei5-46905

      motherboard: ASUStek B85-PRO-GAMER

      Mermory: DDR3 16gb

      Graphics: AMD Radeon HD7990

      Powersupply: 750 watt corsair


      I placed my desktop in my living room and connected it to my TV with a DVI to HDMI cabel since I only have mini HDMI and a DVI output. The problems already occur when I start up. Startup screens are only halve displayable. I can't enter the bios because my screen will remain black until i move my mouse and parts where the mouse hovered become visible. When I proceed to windows I will have a temporary black screen and then head to the login screen. When I login everything works like a charm. The problems only start occurring when I start gaming. I play Guild wars 2 with highest settings without problems. But when I start Sleeping Dogs or planetSide 2 I will get after 10 minutes or more a random black screen. Games however keep running no freeze at all. I know this because Sleeping dogs as well Planetside 2 keep running and I hear the sounds of walking or shooting.


      Now I though it might be the cable because I use a cable that converts DVI to HDMI. So I bought a mini HDMI to HDMI but the problems still persists. Now I thought a clean installations might help so I reinstalled windows 10. Here the problems became worse because after a clean installation my screen would only remain black. Now I thought It could be someting with my Panasonic plasma TV so I removed the TV and got my acer monitor and connected it to the DVI port. Now I was able to get a screen and log into windows start updating and installing drivers.


      When I installed the drivers I was able to play planetside 2 and sleeping dogs without any problems. But when I connect my tv on my mini HDMI port ( since MY DVI is used by mine main monitor) problems start occurring again. PlanetSide 2 works but after a while I get graphic lag. some kind of snow start appearing. I tried differed resolutions en settings but nothing worked. Then I tried windowed full screen mode and gone was the graphic lag. This also counts for sleeping dogs which only works okay in windows mode.


      i can't believe my graphics card has a faulty GPU as often read on forums that this was the case. Because when I play at my acer monitor I have no problems at all. But when I Play on my TV it all goes wrong in full screen.


      Also I got warning in windows that there where multiple resolutions detected.

      Also when I game on my TV i have to set windows second screen only because when I use extend this screen the games crashes.