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Windows 10 CU Issues

Question asked by george357 on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by george357

NOTE: I ran this system for 3 weeks no problems whatsoever until the following.


I upgraded to Windows 10 1703 Creators Update and the newest release of Radeon drivers from AMDs website and started getting random BSODs of ACPI.sys irql less than or equal and UsbHub3 system exception error. The icql error would happen quicker with a heavy load such as BOINC. The Usb error usually happened when trying to restart or change something in the process of troubleshooting.


I tried in-place and two full reinstalls of Windows 10 CU as well as using DDU for the AMD drivers. I ran a full 2+ hour pass on memtest 86+ wth zero errors and made sure every possible update was installed, including the latest BIOS. 3x visits with Microsoft Support with two being remote access, wherein they also verified newest installed drivers.


This issue was never resolved, I went back to the Anniversary Update and have been stable (under basic use) so far for the last 15 hours. I would like to try and find any possible fixes for this so I can be completely up-to-date.


My System

Ryzen 1800x no OC

Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 Mobo with F6 BIOS set to optimized defaults.

Sapphire Nitro+ 8GB OC and factory settings (I did have to apply a 3% HDMI scaling setting to properly view my TV.)

Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD x2 (One Boot Drive and One for game)

Seagate 4TB Media Drive

WD 1TB Backup drive

Corsair K70 RGB KB

Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse

3x 20" Monitors (2 HP and 1 Acer)

1 50" LG Plasma TV connected through a Sony 7.1 Receiver.

Thrustmaster 16000M joystick and thruster (HOTAS)