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    What is AMD's stance on Engineering Samples in the wild?


      I have been pretty successful in finding what Intel's take on Engineering Samples are as there is a plethora of stories of people being contacted and asked to send in their engineering samples. In addition, Intel has this page talking about it: Information About Engineering Sample Processors


      They clearly state:

      • ES processors produced by Intel are the sole property of Intel.
      • ES Processors produced by Intel are Intel Confidential.
      • ES Processors are provided by Intel under nondisclosure and/or special loan agreement terms with restrictions on the recipient's handling and use.
      • ES Processors are not for sale or re-sale.



      So what about AMD's engineering samples? They're readily available on eBay; yet I can't find any stories of anyone being asked to return an ES. I also can't find any page where AMD states information about the engineering samples such as if they are only provided under NDA or special loan agreements and selling/reselling is not allowed.


      So the question is:

      What is AMD's policy on Engineering Samples in the wild?

      Is there a way to legally obtain a last generation engineering sample for benchmarking?