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Vibrance/Contrast/Brightness change when ingame and alt-tabing out of game

Question asked by in7ca7 on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by amdmatt

Here's a quick video of my issue

Ryzen Bug - YouTube

Take note around 6 seconds in (sorry for the quality its the only camera I have), the Vibrance/Contrast/Brightness change when the program is engaged. This happens for a large amount of the games that I have, and the Vibrance/Contrast/Brightness will change throughout the game-play randomly. It even happens when I'm not in game. For example ill be playing a game of mw2 and ill Alt-Esc to go browse reddit or something. While the game is running in the background an i'm browsing reddit the Vibrance/Contrast/Brightness will change frequently (1-2 every 5 mins or so) making it annoying to use. But once the program is closed it goes back to being the original Vibrance/Contrast/Brightness. Its not just a gpu issue. I have the same issue with a V5800 and a gtx 750ti on the same ryzen motherboard with the appropriate display drivers. Swaping my 390 over to a I5 board produces no such issue. Ive swapped ram, psu's and PCI-E slots to no avail meaning that most likely its a software issue or an issue with my Ryzen 1700 or B350 Mobo. Switching back to previous graphic's drivers does nothing from what I can tell. All the parts are fully functioning though. Tested with Acer GN246HL and some old Dell 4:3 using multiple different Dvi,HDMI and Display port cables


*Only happens to me when the refresh rate is higher than 60hz I think


My setup


-Windows 10 10.0.14393 Build 1439 (Not the the creators update Though it happens on the creators update too.)

-Ryzen 1700 @stock on the latest bios update form MSI

-Sapphire Nitro Tri-x R9 390 @Stock On the 17.4.4 Drivers

-EVGA Supernova 750w Bronze

-16gbs Corsair Vengence 3000Mhz @ 2933Mhz

-NZXT S340 Red and Black

-240gb Kingston SSD

-1TB WD Blue

-Msi B350 PC Mate

-4 Usb 3.0 Rosewill Pice usb card


1920*1080 @ 144Hz