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    Is my graphics card broken?


      Hi please help me

      I have a Lenovo laptop and AMD Radeon HD 8600/8700M hardware.

      Here is my system info:

      Sys INF.jpg


      i updated my windows then after updating and restarting some of my laptop system files like explorer.exe had been broken and i did a system restore but that doesn't fixed that

      after that my amd RADEON diplay driver wasn't in device manager then i checked show the hidden files in device manager and uninstalled my amd radeon it was with a warning sign there.


      after that i tried to reinstall my amd drivers but it wasn't installed


      then i reinstall my windows 8.1 to fix that.my explorer.exe fixed but my amd desplay driver is not fixed


      then i tried everything i used DDU i went to device manager and scanned for hardware changes i tried to install many amd driver but not fixed.

      really what is my problem????is my amd hardware broken????


      Please help tnx

      sorry for my bad english