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Star Wars Battlefront - graphics corruption R9 Fury 17.4.4

Question asked by Szaby59 on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by Szaby59

EDIT (2017.09.25): Issue still persist with 17.9.2


EDIT: Temporary workaround until a real fix is to lower "Mesh Quality" to medium in the Graphics settings:



CPU: i7-4790k

VGA: R9 Fury Tri-X


OS: W10 latest version

Driver: 17.4.4 (started approximately since 17.1.1)


This started months ago, as I see there are other reports regarding this issue: Still artefacts in Star Wars: Battlefront with 17.3.1


It's not an overheating issue I'm monitoring the temps and the GPU is around 63 °C, other more demaning games (ME:A) are working fine. Only happens in SWBF and on certain parts of the map I can reproduce it.

Here is one example (Map: Jundland wastes, second wave of uplinks - bunker):


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