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Driver problem (RX 580)? artifacts and crashes (driver / screen / browser ?) when playing videos in browser

Question asked by drachma on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by amdmatt

Hi together,


on friday I installed my fresh purchased RX 580. Together with a new 144Hz FreeSync monitor everything runs fine.


Benchmarks, games, Furmark, Windows... no problems here. Okay, here and there are some issues with borderless window mode and some games wont even run in fullscreen or with freesync on, but all in all I'm happy.



Just one thing bothers me. If I watch videos in Firefox, my display crashes after some time. I dont know what it is exactly, but my guess is it's the driver, the browser on something like that. In Microsoft Edge I couldnt reproduce this crash yet. Crashes occur on for example.


Further: At first the complete screen freezes and a pink-colorfull grid appears over the whole screen and after few seconds the hole display resets itself. Afterwards the browser is shown "normally" and the system is responding again with the exception of the video which is stopped by the system. The whole video plugin of the browser seems disabled afterwards until a page reload.


In addition the radeon settings can't be opened until reboot of the pc because the settings window remains empty and only the window frame with blurry background is displayed.


If I force this error behavior several times in a row I could once get the system to crash and get a bluescreen (with pink stripes all over the screen -> see screenshot).


Once this error behavior occured even without Firefox after booting as I changed the monitor refresh rate while radeon settings were open. Seems the problems are connected... Maybe the radeon settings software uses HTML5 elements? I'm just guessing here.


Do someone know a hint or trick or can anyone confirm this error?


I hope you can help me.



My system:

- Radeon RX 580 Series

- Desktop Windows 10 64 bit

- Radeon Driver: 17.4.4

- Driver Packaging Version: 17.10.1731-170424a2-313603E-CrimsonReLive

- Monitor: AOC AGON AG241QX @ 2560x1440 144Hz via DP

- Mainboard: Asus Z87-A Z87 RG SA

- CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3

- PSU: beQuiet 530W

- RAM: 8GB (4 units)


Present settings:

- 1440p@144Hz; FreeSync on








Now it occured in Microsoft Edge as well directly to a blue screen. So it can't be a Firefox Problem.