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Problem with Live Gamer Portable C875 (drivers issue)

Question asked by miroamir on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by ray_m


I really hope you can help me - for more than a week I am dealing with this issue and I dont know what to do.

I have averymedia live gamer portable c875 game capture card but  am unable to record anything from my laptop.


Is seems that there is no signal from my radeon R9M375. (there is no preview window)no signal.png

When I press record I only have 9 bytes file that I unable to open:










To be extra sure I tried other program for game capture (obs) that works with avermedia LGP and problem is exactly the same.



There is definitely nothing wrong with the card itself because I can capture gameplay from PS4 without ANY problems.


So I contacted Avermedia tech support. We discussed this problem for 2 days (they've been really helpful by the way). I tried everything (I also need to mention that I have newest avermedia drivers). I was so desperate that I've full format of my laptop and I installed clean version of my system (I am using windows 7). I installed the newest drivers but the problem is still there. Iost all hope so I decided to clean all AMD drivers using AMD Clean Uninstall Utility and I installed newest catalyst with drivers (radeon-crimson-relive-17.4.4) but nothing has changed. I am very annoyed - I always proffered AMD than Nvidia because this is my third laptop with AMD card and I never had any issues until now.



Avermedia tech support confirmed that there is definitely problem somewhere with my drivers



Please HELP !