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    Ryzen 7 Lives



      Ryzen 7 1700
      RX480 Strix 8GB (awaiting VEGA)20170501_141204[1].jpg






      CPURyzen 7 1700
      MotherboardGigabyte Aorus x370 Gaming K7
      MemoryCorsair Vengence 2933 16gb
      GraphicsStrix RX480 O8 8GB
      Disc Drive 1MyDigital SSD 480 BPX PCIe 3.0x4
      Disc Drive 2Seagate Firecuda 1TB
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUThermaltake RGB 750W TGS
      CasePhanteks Enthoo Pro Acrylic
      MonitorAsus VE194 (upgrade needed there)
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          Is that the RGB cooler? How's it working out for you?

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              Yea that is the ThermalTake RGB750 Toughpower Grand Series.  I honestly didn't buy it because of the RGB, I caught it on sale and it had the features I was looking for in a power supply.  Being fully modular, and gold rated was a big plus.  Turns out I really like the RGB function on it as well.  It provides plenty of power for my system (actually way more than I currently need)  If you catch it on sale, it is definitely worth the money and I would suggest you get it. The switch for smart fan, or fan always on is a nice touch.  Its also really, really quiet.

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              I want the same Motherboard and CPU! At first look I thought the white ram was out of place, but then on the second picture its a match with your white fans!

              Do you have some pros/cons of your motherboard?

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                  About the RAM...It was the first thing I bought when I was planning my build.  I saw that it was the RAM shipped with Ryzen 7 review kits.   I thought, "hey, if AMD is sending this out to reviewers its gotta be good, right?" I was also planning a white/grey themed build at the time. The build theme changed as I got tired of waiting on an AsRock Taichi to be available, so the white RAM I bought kinda became a moot point.  I hate RMA/Returning things so I just went with it.  Then during the early reviews of Ryzen everyone was going crazy about RAM and which sticks work/which don't.  Low and behold I had bought the ones everyone was having trouble with.  By this time most of my gear was starting to show up and I really didn't feel like buying new RAM.  I was reading post after post saying 2133 was all I would get on these sticks. But it was what I had, so I was going to try anyway.  I had given up on the Taichi, and was really liking the Aorus (the only thing the Gaming 7 was lacking was built in wifi). So when my Gigabyte board arrived I couldn't wait any longer and dove into the build.  After putting it all together ( a breeze in the Phanteks case) I booted into BIOS and set the XMP and dialed in 2933 for the RAM.  I didn't have to fool with advanced timings or anything.  It just worked (oh yea I did update the BIOS to F3).  I was stoked. My 3000 Ram kit the entire internet had been dissing, worked, perfectly.  I couldn't be happier.  Kudos to Gigabyte for having a Bios that just works, plain and simple, just works.  As for the color of the RAM being an issue, turns out it doesn't matter, because the Gaming K7 has so many RGB LED's (the pictures on here don't do them justice) I can make my build any color/theme I choose.  I just happened to set them Red for the above pic, because ya know TEAM RED! 

                  The Gaming K7 motherboard is solid, PCB is nice, you can feel the build quality. More than enough fan connectors, USB connections galore, 2 really good audio solutions, RGB LED all over the board, etc, etc. I could really go on and on about the board.  I haven't had any problems what so ever from the board, and having Dual Bios, and switches to let you run in a single bios to protect the backup when you flash a new one is pretty dang cool.  It has handled everything I have thrown at it, and when I screw something up, the board makes recovering from that a simple solution.  Being that the K7 is only a couple bucks more than the K5, I see no reason not to buy the K7. 


                  The white fans are simply because a) they are Phanteks fans, and I thought hey why not, I am using a Phanteks case after all, and I couldn't find RGB fans that I like the price of, and where still good fans.  Turns out the white looks good to me, and with all the RGB from the board and my Power Supply I really didn't need anything else being all blingy.