AMD-Wattman settings do not apply

Discussion created by rath_1234 on May 1, 2017
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Good evening,


I have a problem concerning the "amd wattman" program. Both temperature and rpm being manual, I have set the target temperature of my GPU on 78°C and the target rpm of my gpu fans on 2000 rpm. Then, I restarted my computer.

Now, I ran aida64 (stressing gpu) for about 10 minutes, and when I looked at the result in the CAM-Software of NZXT, my gpu was running at about 72°C and the fans ran at 2300rpm (which is the standart rpm for wattman). Now, why doesn't the gpu run at 78°C, as adjusted? The gpu should run exactly 6°C hotter, thus giving the fans the opportunity to run nearer at 2000rpm, as originally adjusted. Am I missing something ? Am I not understanding wattman with its target and maximum settings?


Important information: Please note, that I am using NZXT's CAM software to monitor temps and rpm, however overclocking in CAM is disabled.

Futhermore, I have installed the latest recommended drivers (17.4.3)


Relevant specs:


CPU: Intel i5-6600

GPU: Asus Dual RX480 4GB

MB: Asus Z170-A