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    Black Screen in RX 470


      Well, I bought my RX 470 this year, and, since that i'm having problems with Black Screen Flashes in a few games, mostly League of Legends and Heroes of The Storm. I'm, currently, using the 16.11.5, where i'm still having the black screen but more rarely. I tried to use the lastest drivers, but i have more flashes on that. Yesterday i used the 17.4.3 and i had 3 flashes in 5 minutes. So, mostly stabilized driver to me is 16.11.5, but i'm still having a lot of black screen flashes mainly in Heroes of The Storm, but i still have a lot of black screens in League of Legends.

      At the beginning wattman crashes frequently, and after that was the driver. I use the HDMI cable.

      I followed some of discussions about this theme and, mainly in RX 470, and i tried to change some things in wattman but didn't work. I saw too some peoples saying to use the 16.7.1.

      So, what can i do to fix that error and not have this error anymore?



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          Although both those titles are popular, thought I would just ask if there is any way that you could try testing HoN  Heroes of newerth ?


          LoL didn't allow custom VGA settings, and DoTA2 is close but not mentioned, but nothing like compatibility that I have seen produced from HoN.


          Considering all 3 LOL HoN, and Dota2 all ride on 4x styled engines using mostly dx 9 an 10 something newer cards are having big issues with on Win10. Just something I noticed and thought I would ask. Oh, 1703 bombed hard, if on 1703 retreat to earlier editions, posted yesterday at ms news central.

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              I turned on the Power Efficiency and seems it worked, i played Heroes of The Storm and League of Legends with no issues in 16.11.3 as well in 17.4.3. Maybe it is a possible solution for the black screens. I hope it be a permanent solution