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Black Screen in RX 470

Question asked by yrley on Apr 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by yrley

Well, I bought my RX 470 this year, and, since that i'm having problems with Black Screen Flashes in a few games, mostly League of Legends and Heroes of The Storm. I'm, currently, using the 16.11.5, where i'm still having the black screen but more rarely. I tried to use the lastest drivers, but i have more flashes on that. Yesterday i used the 17.4.3 and i had 3 flashes in 5 minutes. So, mostly stabilized driver to me is 16.11.5, but i'm still having a lot of black screen flashes mainly in Heroes of The Storm, but i still have a lot of black screens in League of Legends.

At the beginning wattman crashes frequently, and after that was the driver. I use the HDMI cable.

I followed some of discussions about this theme and, mainly in RX 470, and i tried to change some things in wattman but didn't work. I saw too some peoples saying to use the 16.7.1.

So, what can i do to fix that error and not have this error anymore?