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AMD Fury X Not Posting On Certain CPUs But Works On Skylake Any Advice?

Question asked by nick2050 on Apr 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by amdmatt

Forgive my format I haven't done this before and my memory is a little hazy


CPU:i7 2600/i5 3470 (bclk overclocked to 4ghz on all cores)

GPU:GTX 760/R9 Fury X/GTX 980 (The 980 is a freinds and is letting me use it till i can get this nightmare figured out while he uses the Fury X)

PSU: Corsair 600w 80plus bronze semi-modular

RAM:16gb 1666mghz

MOBO:some shity pre-built /intel DP67BG

SSD: Sandisk 512gb SATA

     Alright so back in November I purchased a R9 Fury X and put in my pc switching out my GTX 760. To my surprise nothing happened and just didn't post, fans would spin but nothing else. My motherboard had always had problems so I switched it out for an intel z77 motherboard  (intel DP67BG) still nothing. However i did get a post code for a PCIE enumeration error, and every other time i had a different error that was just the most common. I believe it was post code 54. Tried my GTX 760 with it and the PC booted, no problem. I got a friend to let me make sure the card wasn't dead by testing it on his SkyLake PC. He has an i5 6600. We switched out his GTX 980 for the Fury X and it posted and got into Windows 10 just like any other gpu, perfectly normal. Completely stumped I took it to my local computer repair store, hurting my pride a little. They then after 3 days with it said "Pft I don't know, maybe a compatibility issue. Good luck with that". My friend gave me his GTX 980 for my Fury X, but i'm only borrowing it and would really rather not pay for a new Skylake, Kabylake, or Ryzen based platform. Recently Tested the Fury X with a i5 3470 and it did the same thing as my i7 2600. No it's not the PSU being as the Skylake system that the Fury X works on has the same PSU and at the time the cpu was not overclocked, power draw is not an issue. Yes I had the power cables plugged in all the way. Sorry just had to make sure I didn't get the same condescending comments other people normally get with this sort of thing. Almost any help is appreciated.


Thank you

sincerely, some guy who has an technology problem