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    RX 480 8GB reboots system


      I7 6700K

      16GB DDR4 RAM

      MSI RX 480 GAMING 8GB

      CORSAIR VS650


      HDD 1TB

      SDD 1X 500, 1X 240, 1X M.2. SSD X 525

      WINDOWS 10 PRO 64BIT

      LATEST AMD DRIVERS (17.4.4)


      RX 480 8GB reboots my system while gaming, Conan Exiles, Far Cry 4 +++.. low or high settings, same problem.

      From 0-5 times a day. (about 5-10H a day gaming)

      Clean installed OS/Drivers, many times.. Did a RMA, they didnt find anything wrong (well, it doesnt happen often-sometimes not for 4-5 days, so wonder how they can say its 100%), Got a note they tested it on Furmark, Far Cry, Heaven bench. ++...well same as ive done..as i told them, and i said it can take many days in between.. so.. yeah! Guess they didnt belive me! Or..i have no idea anymore! Just tired of this GPU, and its not only me that has issues with this GPU.

      Used my R9 380 , works smooth, reinstalled all hardware, done most ive read here and other forums..

      latest crash says when back in windows, wattman has been restored......something, cant remember.

      So, as i read, most say its a PSU problem, just buy a new PSU.. Really good for the PSU market this 480 i understand...

      What to do? MSI support gave up, they just say its OS or Driver problem. They never said anything about my PSU..i know its not the best..but never had problems before i got the 480, 2 months ago.

      So done most of the troubleshooting.

      If some info is needed so i can get some help, please let me know!