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AMD R9 M390 drivers are crashing my Windows 10

Question asked by mrwillis on Apr 29, 2017
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Hi and please if anyone has knowledge on AMD drivers please let me know


So the problem is that i format my Laptop that i bought it was used , so I installed Windows 10 and when everything was done now I had to install the Graphic Drivers which i always update after formating the pc , I used Nvidia before but this is my first time using an AMD


I download this program from official  AMD website > AMD Driver Autodetect  I picked Express Install and i let it start downloading new drivers


before installing anything I had on Device manager/ Display Adapters I had named Microsoft drivers or something like that


now After AMD driver Autodetect was installing the new Drivers for AMD R9 M390 , which i assume it's installing the right drivers and also support Windows 10 , in the middle of the install Windows 10 crashed and i had this error about TDR Video error or some sh** Bluescreen


I format my pc again and installed the drivers from AMD autodetect again , It worked it installed the drivers I press Restart Now on AMD Autodetect software , it restarts I log in after using the laptop for 30 seconds i get blue screen of death about Graphic Card drivers again


I don't know the exact problem of why is it doing this , Ill give as much information as you need


My laptop is a Lenovo


I5 5th generation

12 GB of ram

AMD R9 M390

1TB of HDD    Laptop also has the Intel HD graphics


Please tell me if you know what's causing it to crash