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    Windows not detecting RX 580


      So I bought a RX 580 today and after installing it (used DDU to clear old AMD drivers of a R9 270x), Windows shows it as Standard VGA graphics adapter in device manager. I tried downloading the lastest driver and installing it but nothing happened. I even used the AMD driver cleaner but that didnt help either. Im hoping this is just a technical problem and not hardware. Any suggestions?

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          What OS?

          Did you use the drivers on the disk that came with the graphics card?

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            hello every one. i run a win 7 32-bit and a win 10 64-bit.
            i just got a MSI Radeon RX 580 Armor 8GB OC.

            i installed the latest drivers on win 10 with no problems. when I went to AMD page I noticed it doesn't provide a win7 32bit version! which is wierd! On msi.com it has all the operating systems I got a Radeon Software version 17.9. but after installing it my driver is still Standard VGA driver. and DXDIAG shows this with no details! I have no Radeon software running in windows background and it's not there in the taskbar too but i checked it's the latest version installed. I'm starting to believe AMD is not going to support 32-bi anymore. Is it true or I should stay put for the future updates?
            or if any of u kind ppl has any solution I'm all ears.