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Newest V4800 drivers disables 1440 video playback

Question asked by celebritygamer on Apr 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by celebritygamer

I'm using a V4800, the newest drivers 2/16/2017, 15.201.2401.1009 breaks video playback, 1080p stutters like crazy and you can hear the video but the movie isn't playing. 1440p doesn't even show up. So i downloaded something called 3dchip, it recommended that the best drivers for this card is not the 2/16/2017, but rather 14.502.1019.0 3/17/2015. I installed it, not only do games run better and no more crashes, but 1440p video playback is enable back on video sites and it runs super smooth, so does 1080p.


So for any firepro / workstatoin devs, please note this and the next driver you make available for the v4800 and cards similar to it, please fix the performance and video playback. Thanks.