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Black Screen in Windows 10 with Driver 17.4.4

Question asked by calvinwong on Apr 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by calvinwong

I have a fresh installation on the windows and with default MS Basic Display driver on my below desktop.


MB:       ASUS Z87

Display: ASUS R9 RX270

RAM:     32GB RAM

CPU:     Intel i7-4770

OS:       Windows 10 Build 15063.250  / Windows 8.1 (Fresh install OS already, same issues happened !!)

Everything work, but since I have a dual 32"ft monitor, thus i need to install AMD drivers to get that work.


Nightmare comes, I tried with driver 17.4.4 (any many lower version), during installation it goes both screen with black screen, and it don't works thus I reboot the PC, every-time i reboot it goes back to black screen.


Finally I had to goes to safe mode to delete the drivers and roll back to MS Basic Display Drivers.

Jesus, this issues had been happened since last months, I tried to look around on forums and tried every solutions still not work !!


Any ideas why the display drivers can't work?

Any suggest drivers/version which would work?




Display Adapter.PNG