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Temperature Issue after upgrading to windows 10 creators update

Question asked by mariosan1978 on Apr 29, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2017 by iready

Hi there,

I have a R9 380 with 8GB .

before upgrading to creators update i had in normal desktop idle a temperature of approx. 45°C (measured with gpu temp). After upgrading and installing the latest driver (non-whql-win10-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-relive-17.4.4-apr27.exe) i have approx. 70 -75 °C. After booting  the temperature rises quickly.

Do you have  any suggestion  to deal with the topic. WattMan into the driver software shows the same temperature. It seems that the graphic card has to do more after the upgrade. I testet also the last 2 official drivers with the same result.


Thanx in advance for the reply