17.4.4 driver problems

Discussion created by chrisredfieldjr on Apr 28, 2017

Hello Regarding driver 17.4.4, I came to inform you that virtual super resolution is causing problems.



The first point is the monitor frequency, which in drivers after 17.3.3 only goes up to 60hz when using the VSR above 1080p.


Still on the RSV, it is causing performance drop in the elite sniper 4 game, with negative crossfire performance when the RSV is turned on in any resolution.





Turning the vsr off, performance returns to normal and the game works great with the RX 480 crossfire.


Finally, another problem that persists in drivers after 17.3.3, including in 17.4.4, is that the wattman settings are not stored after turning off the pc,

returning to zero with every new system boot


The configuration here is i7 4790k, RX 480 crossfire, windows 10 64bit creators, 32GB ram 2400mhz G-skill trident X.