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ReLive freezes when recording 3D gameplay except in window, records desktop fine, used to work 100% fine.

Question asked by graphic36 on Apr 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 13, 2017 by swaccelerated

A few days ago ReLive was working fine. IIRC I was on 17.4.2 the last time it was working. I upgraded to 17.4.4 to see if it fixed a common problem with a recent AMD driver and Endless Space 2 (it didn't, but they patched the game so that's beside the point).


Now when I tried to record War Thunder, after hitting the hotkey it's fine for a couple seconds and then the game freezes while you can still hear the sound.


Here's an example: 2017 04 29 17 49 - YouTube


When it's focused on the game, try to imagine me trying to turn the camera and moving the cursor around, but it's frozen.  When I alt-tab out, it goes back to recording full motion even with the game in the background.  I've tested it with other games so it's not just War Thunder.  Recording windowed works but windowed fullscreen does not.


Things I've tried:

  1. 17.4.4
  2. AMD Cleanup utility
  3. 17.4.3
  4. AMD Cleanup Utility
  5. 17.4.2
  6. AVC codec
  7. HEVC codec
  8. Fullscreen
  9. Windowed fullscreen
  10. High bitrate
  11. Low bitrate
  12. In-game res
  13. Upscaled res
  14. Downscaled res
  15. Saving to main hard drive
  16. Saving to external hard drive (what I was doing before when it worked)
  17. OC Mode (ASUS GPU Tweak)
  18. Gaming (ASUS GPU Tweak)


I'm out of ideas.


i5 4460

ASUS ROG Strix RX 480 8GB OC Edition


Windows 10 Home up-to-date (i.e. creators update)


edit: games also lock up for about 10 seconds when I hit the ReLive hotkey to take a screenshot.