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R7 1700 clock speed default to 1.55GHz?

Question asked by phamsonite on Apr 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by ray_m

Good Afternoon,


I've recently purchased an Ryzen R7 1700 paired with an MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon. I've downloaded  the latest BIOS and drivers and I get a clock speed of 1.55GHz. CPU-Z, MSI Command Center, and Ryzen Master say it's at 1.55GHz. In the BIOS and task manager, it reads the default value. I've changed the settings to overclock it just a little (3.30GHz) to see if it changes a all. I've ran cinebench 15 to see how it runs. I've compared it to my older system, (i5 2500k). I'm not sure if these programs are reading it wrong, I'm doing something wrong, or I have a defective chip. I've included some screenshots of my situation.


In short, it runs at half it's default clock speed and doesn't go any higher when running applications. I change the clock speeds as high as 3.4GHz in the BIOS, but still reads as 1.55GHz.

Any advice will be appreciated (whether it's to try different settings or return).