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      I recently bought a monitor named v2460vq6 G2460VQ6 AOC Monitor - AOC , and i installed the beta driver for 75 HZ. After that i have to see that my monitor is not freesync supported.

      Please help!!

      MY SETUP

      -I5 6600K

      -RX 480 MSI 4 GB

      -16 GB RAM

      -2 TB HDD WD GREEN

      - 120 GB SSD Kingston

      -some gigabyte mb

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          So....what is the question again?

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            Check with AOC to see if their driver supports the RX GPU's.

            According to the monitors manual, it list only the R7 and R9 GPU's


            FreeSync function

            1. FreeSync function is working with DisplayPort. 2. Compatible Graphics Card: Recommend list is as the below, also could be checked by visiting www.AMD.com  AMD Radeon R9 295X2   AMD Radeon R9 290X  AMD Radeon R9 290   AMD Radeon R9 285   AMD Radeon R7 260X  AMD Radeon R7 260

            (From page 13 of the manual)