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Why can't I access Crimson ReLive?

Question asked by trubills on Apr 28, 2017

When I initially got my MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8g, I installed the drivers that came with it.  At this point, I was able to access Crimson.  I updated it to the newer form, and it was working fine.  I could right-click and access "AMD Radeon settings" through the drop-down.  However, I did not have the ReLive tab, which I wanted.  I uninstalled the drivers using DDU, and reinstalled them (multiple times, maybe 3).  Each time following this, I was and still am unable to access Crimson in any form, and right-clicking does not present "AMD Radeon Settings".  The GPU works fine otherwise, and the MSI Gaming app that came with it says it's up to date with the new 17.4.4 driver, so I am perplexed.  The only AMD thing that comes up from the download is the Uninstaller.  I look forward to suggestions.