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    17.4.4 Monitor Flickering and Crashes


      GPU: R9 390

      Driver: 17.4.4

      CPU: FX-8350

      OS: Windows 10 Pro KB4015583

      Monitor: 1050x1680 60Hz, 1920x1080 76Hz, both connected to R9 390 via DVI

      Problem: Overclocking( adjusting core clocks by any %(it doesn't matter) + any voltage adjustment) works temporarily but causes my monitors to start flickering after pressing reset in Wattman or MSI Afterburner. The only way to remedy the flickering problem is with a complete system reboot. I've been dealing with this for 5+ months now. The last stable driver was 16.11.5.



      17.4.4 Wattman 390 290 x Display Corruption Bug - YouTube

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          Your making troubleshooting hard for yourself, if your still using wattman and 3rd party oc app.

          Are you crossfire with a 290 x now (and vid shows 17.4.3).

          Does this only happen with oc of monitor/card.

          Maybe you need to do a total system refresh(keep OS, games, isp, uninstall all other software, reset all OC (i do this annually)).


          Edit: Seems h.a.r.d o.n. was blocked.

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              Hey Goodplay,


                   Thanks for the advice. The problem is Wattman doesn't allow overvolting or undervolting. Trying either of those causes my Core Clock to get stuck at 900MHz during benchmarks or gaming. I decided to use MSI Afterburner instead. It was a small core overclock of 20MHz +15Mv while playing Paladins which isn't very GPU intensive. When I tried to reset the GPU back to default, my monitors began flickering.

                  A single 390 is powering both monitors in the video. The flickering happens almost every time I overclock using Wattman, Trixx, or MSI Afterburner. I'll upload another video showing how to replicate the issue tomorrow.

                   Also, I'm pretty certain this is not an isolated issue. /r/amd's 17.4.4 driver thread is full of aggravated people who are fed up with AMD's nonchalant approach to bringing "older cards" up to snuff.



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                  I'm using 17.4.4, 390G1, not on Creators update. But single monitor, no probs so far..

                  Disable wattman in Preferences > Restore Factory defaults (it will reset all Radeon settings). 

                  Creators update is causing probs for Nv also, and MS did post a blog warning about updating before receiving notification.

                  It may be better to troubleshoot with 1607. Can't give a concrete answer to your probs.

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                same thing happened to me. i was also using 17.4.4. the new driver is good, no crashing for my r9 390 but u cant overclock no matter wat u do. it will not retain any settings. i have posted the problem in forum and goodplay suggested it might be wattman related problem. i tried to disable or uninstall it and failed. i restored factory defaults but it did not have any effect. so i roll back to older driver 16.4.2 that do not have wattman included. after that i have achieved overclocking. so far no problem unless u want to play battlefield1 because it wants new driver. i think this is the only way if u dont want to overclock. but i liked the new version though cant overclock. the graphic rendering quality is significantly better in games and movies with new driver. So please amd at least give us a option to disable the wattman as it is in developing condition. i really want to use updates.

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                  I captured the core voltage bug on camera. Wattman downclocks whenever GPU Core mV values for State 1-5 are manually changed. Resetting Wattman doesn't fix it, resetting to factory defaults doesn't fix it, and resetting the driver(toggling VSR) doesn't fix it. You can see the monitors stop working and stay that way when toggling VSR after encountering the bug. Wattman will not restore default clocks until restarting my computer.



                  Wattman GPU Voltage Bug - YouTube



                  Later on, I will upload another video showing off memory voltage adjustments.