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    Relive, game recordings video doesn't move, sound normal




      I have been attempting to record FFXIV with Relive but in every recording ive made the video either doesnt move or moves a frame every few seconds. The sound of the recording plays normally.


      Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this.



      Latest version of Radeon software released yesterday 27/04/2017

      Windows 10

      Radeon R9 270X

      AMD FX 8350

      8GB Ram

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          Are other games working okay? Have you tried recording in full screen mode/borderless/window mode?


          Any other overlay software running in the background that could be interfering?


          Tried an older driver?

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            Hi guys.  I have the same issue.  I described the issue elsewhere also but it's the same.  Relive used to work flawlessly on this machine and stopped one specific day with no W10 updates and no Crimson update.  amdmatt yes I tried clean installs of at least 5 versions, even reinstall of the one that used to work flawlessly.  I believe it is a conflict with other software on this machine.  I use Cyberlink PowerDirector, and used it the very day this problem started.  I am trying to determine if that software is somehow interfering, but haven't gotten to the bottom of that yet.  Here is my system info for the record again, but like I said it used to work flawlessly on this system and without any updates just broke:


            W10-64bit, i7-6950x, Asus RVE10 MoBo, Sapphire Radeon 9 Fury (two), DisplayPort conns to two Dell U2515H 25" monitors, 1250W PSU (Corsair).

            As stated above, clean install of many different versions of Radeon Crimson, currently installed latest version 17.6.2.  All versions back to 17.4.2 have same issue, and all used to work (except latest one once the issue emerged).