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Trying to control fan speed with ADL

Question asked by russdirks on Apr 28, 2017

I'm trying to use the ADL API to control fan speed on my R9 380X, specifically using the ADL2_OverdriveN_FanControl_Set command, but I just can't get it to work.  I've tried using the sample program in the OverdriveN folder, as well as using my own code (see below), but no luck. Am I doing something wrong?  Are there issues with FanControl_Set command?  Any help would be appreciated.


 // get the current settings
 if (ADL_OK != ADL2_OverdriveN_FanControl_Get(context, adapterIndex, &odNFanControl))
  printf("ADL2_OverdriveN_FanControl_Get failed\n");
  // make our change
  odNFanControl.iMode = ADLODNControlType::ODNControlType_Manual;
  odNFanControl.iTargetFanSpeed = _speed;
  // write back
  if (ADL_OK != ADL2_OverdriveN_FanControl_Set(context, adapterIndex, &odNFanControl))
   printf("ADL2_OverdriveN_FanControl_Set failed\n");