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Problem with Windows 10 Creators Update 64bit and R8 M445DX(R7 graphics & R7 M440)

Question asked by younz301 on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 6, 2017 by atlasminor

Hello, I have a problem and I would like to have some advice to resolve them. In fact I bought a new laptop a month ago this is the "DELL Inspiron 5765" with a FX-9800P 7TH GEN processor and an AMD Radeon R8 M445DX(R7 graphics & R7 M440) and 16Gb RAM graphics. The operating system that was on it was the windows 10 Pro. With the update of the drivers I noticed that I had a total video memory of 13Gb and a memory video dédiée of 5GB. I found it great. But when I played some games like Need For Speed Most wanted 2013 or call of Duty Ghost, the games rowed even when I lowered the performance of the game. With the help of a friend I managed to make that optimal settings that Which partly settled the problem. But since a week I received the uptade Windows Creators update and since my graphics card is no longer fully recognized and I now found myself has a total video memory of 8Gb and a memory video dédiée of 1GB. I then again downloaded the new drivers that were uploaded by AMD last week ( but the Problem persists. Is there a way to solve my problems?

Thanks in advance for the answers and please exuse my English it is not very good.