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FX 9590 Overheating Crosshair V Formula Z

Question asked by johnekinamd on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2017 by amdlust

Alright, as I am typing this my computer is about 8% load and sitting at 43.0C fans spinning 2.200 rpm both of them at max.


I have V formula Z motherboard

FX 9590 CPU

H100i V2 Cooler

Inside of the case is pretty cool, push pull fans.

GTX 770

1000W PS


I have checked every single cable so far. Everything is perfectly placed.

Re-applied thermal paste, nothing has changed.

I found a post which made my computer stable running at 4.7 currently but it will still randomly freeze whenever it feels like it.


There is something wrong because at full speed my cpu shouldn't be 43C at 5% load!


Any suggestions on what I should try?


Thank you.

I can provide pictures, and whatever you need.

Thank you again.