Blue screen when watching series or movies

Discussion created by rohiron on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2017 by bluex3

So i have a R9 390 graphics card and i have bin using it for over a year now. Some time ago i started to get bluescreens while i was watching a movie or a series or just some random video on fb or yt.

It started when i updated my drivers. I only have it when i use a HDMI or display port cable. i didnt have any problens when i was using DVI-D. Does this mean my card is broken or is it just a fixable problem? I can play any game i want it doesnt happen while gaming it only happends when i am watching a video, sometimes my monitor just freezes and then i get black screen and then bluescreen but verry rarely it fixes itself and i can just keep watching and then it doenst happen anymore unitl i restart my pc. In my lower left corner i then get the message AMD Drivers have stopped working but have recovered. Please help...