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will the X4 880K bottleneck the RX 570 ?

Question asked by mokolozoloboloyo on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by mokolozoloboloyo

It seems that the general consensus on the best gpu pairing with this cpu is the RX470, but with RX 570's fresh release and their prices being very similar (at least where I live) I was wondering if I could go for it instead. The only thing that makes me indecisive is my cpu's ability to handle the newest card (which is not that far from the RX 470 if you believe that comparison between the two)


rx470 vs rx 570.png my thought process was "if that cpu doesn't bottleneck card A and given that card B is not very far from A then maybe it won't bottleneck it as well" But I may be wrong of course so that's why I'm asking