Morphological AA filter.... improved gameplay for marginal graphics cards

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HARDOCP - Introduction - AMD Morphological AA Performance and IQ Review

For those with 'marginal' graphics who experience low framerates in games, this is a often overlooked setting. I have bumped up laptops struggling to keep 30fps to 40-45fps using Morph filtering and disabling all AA and vert sync on. Notice: This feature is independent of other AA settings, including MSAA. Meaning, you do not have to have 2X MSAA, 4X MSAA or 8X MSAA enabled in-game or forced from the control panel for Morphological AA to work. In fact, you should disable AA in the game or turn it off completely; "No AA." With AA turned off in the game, then you can turn Morphological AA on and it will be applied in the game.