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    What is the solution to frequent hangs in video games and even in Plex on an R9 Fury?


      Started a while ago when I noticed it in Plex that I couldn't watch a movie without the framerate going to ~1 and literally hanging for a half-second every couple of seconds regularly (the audio even hung for the same amount of time).  Now, I am seeing it also in Stellaris, and now again in Dawn of War III.  I have re-installed my drivers twice.  It did not have a problem in 3D Mark Firestrike or on the desktop.  My Fury is water-cooled custom, but the loop temps are extremely low (13C as I write this and rarely above 30C at full load).


      Please help!  For a while it was manageable, but it's beginning to be unbearable.


      I have attached a video of it happening on the opening cinematic of DoW III.  My PC shouldn't struggle with that .