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radeon software has been partially installed

Question asked by leonard232002 on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by kingfish

Hello , today , when I was searching the problem with ReLive , I saw that someone just found out that a new version appeared , 17.4.4 . Ok , I went on AMD website , I went to R7 200 series , windows 10 , 64-bit and I installed it . Before I clicked the restart button it said : radeon software has been partially installed, something with error 1603 . I went to see the log , and when I scrolled down , at the error messages tab there was nothing . Could it be a bug ? Ok , another question : when I install a new driver , must I uninstall the current and install then new one or should I install the new one directly ? I just installed the new one directly . I pressed local driver , express install , is there a mistake ? And why did the software tell me that system is up-to-date when there appeared 17.4.4 and I had 17.4.3 ????? And tell me more about this ReLive , what should I do to make it work ??? It doesn't record my games . I mention that I have Hiper-V disabled . Sorry for my bad English ...