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Freesync locking to low framerate and stuttering

Question asked by shaussman on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by ray_m

Relevant Specs:

R9 390 Nitro on 17.4.3 drivers (problem persists with 16.12.2)

Acer XG270HU monitor


Other specs:

4.5GHz i7-3770k

Gigabyte Z77x-D3H

16GB DDR3 1600MHz

Win10 64 bit


I've noticed in League of Legends and GW2 that, with Freesync enabled, the game stutters super badly. It feels like it's running at 30-45FPS. When I disable Freesync, the games run as smoothly as I would expect. Fullscreen League has the issue, but freesync seems to work fine with fullscreen GW2. This started to happen after reinstalling my drivers (and eventually upgrading them) the other day.


On a side note, I can't OC my GPU at all. This happens both in Wattman and MSI Afterburner when I try to increase the clockspeed:

R9 390 Overclock Resetting - YouTube

Has anyone run into this issue?: