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Drivers not functioning (R9 270x)

Question asked by stitch2k1 on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by stitch2k1

Hi, I recently got myself a SSD and have put Win7 (64bit) to replace my Win8.1 on my original HDD. Upon reaching the point of installing GPU drivers they installed fine, but every time I try to run a game they won't work. I have reinstalled, and done countless reboots.


GPU:AMD Radeon R9 270x (4gb)

CPU: Intel Core i3-2130

Memory: 8gb of RAM (no idea who)

OS: Windows 7(64bit) Home premium (with SP1)


I am using the latest drivers, Crimson 17.4.3, I do not have ReLive.


I can provide absolutely any info needed, I would really like to fix this as opposed to returning to Win8.1.