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Windows Shifting

Question asked by drurylame on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by ray_m

Ok, the hardware is as follows: desktop, m/b MSI Z87-G43, i7-4770K, MSI Radeon R290 gaming, driver 17.4.3, Corsaire CX750M, 8 Mb RAM, Win 7 64bit.

And the problem is I have a nutty display set. The primary display, which is mostly off, is  the TV, LG 3D something, connected via HDMI. It is doubled by the display #2, ACER V275HL, which is the one I use mostly. They both run 1920X1080. They are expanded by display #3, which is situated on the left and runs 1280X1024. Displays #2 & 3 are connected via DVI. Now then. When you switch the TV on (or off, in wich case there is a little delay), it is detected as a device, and the screen (all of them) starts flickering. So the windows start travelling and changing displays like mad. The most fun is when a battlefild match switches to the smaller display with an "unknown resolution" sign all over it. It has been happening since i bought the card. I have had similar expirience with my cheaper Nvidia graphics card, but only in the beginning. In time it memorized the positions of every programs' window and kept them inspite of flickering. So, is it a bug, or a feature?