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I just updated to 17.4.3 and now i cant play any games at all. It wont load anything. Please help with an easy guide to get back to 17.2.1 or what the eariler software was

Question asked by ackelito on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by kingfish

Hello. When im trying to start a game, for example World of Warcraft, it says "Failed to find suitable display device. Exiting program."
When im trying to start Mount and blade, the game just crashes, when im trying to start world of tanks, the game crashes etc, every game does this to me. I want to reverse it to the older software or fix the problem. Ive looked all over the internet and i cant find anything. If you have a solution, please dont make it to complex because im a real noob when it comes to this.
Thanks alot