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    Youtube Choppy With Radeon R9 390 Drivers from AMD (work-around inside)


      When Hardware Acceleration is on in Firefox>Options>Advanced, YouTube is on full screen AND on foreground (is focus on windows 10), and drivers supplied from AMD are installed then YouTube video is very choppy with plenty of stuttering. However, if any one of these is different (except for browser/I use Firefox by default/happens on Chrome too), then the stuttering is gone (only tested on windows 10.


      I have uninstalled Radeon Settings/AMD provided drivers, and now use the ones that come with Windows Update to work around the issue. Another option is to disable hardware acceleration as mentioned above.

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          There are a lot of settings I usually have to play with to get vids to play at 2K with a R7360 but it can be done.  I find it easiest to use another player, my choice is usually MPC-BE but I only used that as VLC didn't have HW support when I started using it.  Some vids still will not play altogether but most play. Certain codec I think?  I just installed a new hard drive and reinstalled and haven't played with vid settings yet or I could give some suggestions.Yeah though your fix is probably easiest.  I kind of like pushing that envelope though. In reality the TV is only 1080 but with VSR on I have a 2160 option. They do look good too!!