Radeon Crimson 17.4.3 Issues

Discussion created by cygnus_x1 on Apr 26, 2017

My computer ( Windows 10 64 bit.....HP says Radeon R7 graphics + R5 330 dual graphics ) was working fine up until 17.2.1 version of Radeon Crimson Re-Live. For a cheap computer it runs Skyrim, Dishonored, and other games very well indeed.


I also use it for displaying all my home videos..which in 17.2.1 display very well in HD using VLC or Power Media Payer.


But...the minute I upgraded to 17.4.3...problems.  Windows Media Player no longer plays video at just displays a tiny frozen picture. And Power Media Player now brings up a black screen !


VLC and the Films and TV apps still play fine.  But clearly there is some issue with 17.4.3 and various video software.


On a related issue...I did a system restore point immediately before installing 17.4.3. The system restore failed to gave error messages when I tried to restore it. So I did a complete re-install of Windows from a USB backup I created when I got the computer. But a Windows reinstall does not reinstall the AMD Catalyst software that I had before.


So, I have the worst of both worlds.  Crimson 17.4.3 has issues, and I can't go back to AMD Catalyst.