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Windows 10 frezes durning instalation of driver

Question asked by noxsvk on Apr 26, 2017
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I have a problem with Driver instalation,


I have reainstaled windows on my laptop, a have clean HDD and no Antivirus software.


PC:                      Acer Aspire E1-572G

Graphic Card:        Radeon R7 M265        Driver: None

                            Intel HD Graphics 4400        Driver:

OS:                      Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

Procesor:              Intel Core i7=4500 CPU 1.80GHz

Ram:                    8GB




At the end of driver instalation Screens starts blinking (as supoused) but then everything frezes (not sure if it is just screen or whole PC) after that i have to unplug PC from power in order to turn it off, It corrupts a windows and i have to format disk and reinstal it.. Windows isn't able to repair it self or even recover last working version.



I tried your auto detection software.. i picked up driver manualy.. no effect.

i tried to uninstal and instal card using device manager no effect.

tried running drive in safe mode, no effect.


Thx for answer


Edit: i was already running this card with updated drivers before changind OS on windows 8.1


Update: I tried instaling older driver.. Same old.. And i know now that its whole PC frozing not just screen.. last time a was playing music and it stopped as well